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One of the hardest things one may ever have to do in life is to deliver an apology, but using this application you can find perfect words to convey your apology.
A true and sincere apology offers real regret and remorse for our actions, and carries a promise that we won’t do it again. It means acknowledging our faults, taking responsibility for the things we have done wrong. An apology, when correctly given and sincerely meant, can create a deeper and more trusting relationships. So, ask for forgiveness whom you hurt knowingly or unknowingly with the help of this application.

Features of Sorry Card Status GIF Messages :

This is an all in one app where you can get :
Using this app you can create decent Sorry Images with your name and photo.
Your can use this image as sorry status for your love ones.
Your can send sorry messages to your love ones.

Explore Huge Collection of wishes:
• High quality Sorry Images.
• Latest collection of messages.
• Easily export and share Sorry Greetings and Photos to your all social media accounts.
• Wide categories of wishes to choose from.
• Various GIFs which are loving and caring.
Professional wishes:
• Customise your wishes with your business name and logo and send it to your clients and employees.
Latest & Trending ways:
• Explore the latest Sorry messages and quotes.
• Cope up with the trending wishes on the social media.
Share as Status:
• Share Sorry Images Messages and Wishes as status on various social media platforms.
So be kind and save a relationship by asking for forgiveness using this application.