Soloslides for Google Photos – Solodigitalis

Soloslides for Google Photos creates a full-screen slideshow of your photos on your iOS device. Photos can be loaded from your Camera Roll, or from Google Photos directly.

This app handles gigantic Google Photo libraries with millions of photos without a hitch, because it doesn’t try to discover all of your photos at once.
There are no ads in this app.

Features include:
– Automatically updates when photos are added to / removed from your Google Photos library or Camera Roll
– Can display your photos on your Smart TV without installing an app on your TV (TV must support DLNA / UPNP)
– Can display your photos on your Apple TV

Controls include:
– Shuffle (random order) or newest-to-oldest
– Filtering by album or date range
– Payback duration between 5 seconds to 1 day
– Automatically filter out photos of documents, receipts, etc (Google Photos only)
– Share the currently showing photo to another app
– Show photos zoomed to fill the screen (aspect fill) or not (aspect fit)

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