Snow Words Battle – Alexander Dorokhov

This is our new free game Snow Words – the best word game for winter fans.
This is snowball-battle with words. Get your verbal snowballs blaster ready – show the rest of the world who is the words master.

It has been designed for fans of puzzles, riddles and crosswords.
Use all your language skills while making different words from letter cubes in multiplayer online game Snow Words.

– make words to remove letter cubes from the grid
– every word you make turns into snowball which flies into your opponent
– cover your opponent with snow
– the longer your word, the bigger your snowball, the quicker turns your opponent into snowman
– for every 5 (or more) letter words your opponent gets Chuck – a very angry Cube
– use Rockets to get rid of Chucks

General Rules
– use only singular forms
– only present time of verbs
– no proper names
– no abbreviations or short forms
– no numbers
– no repeats of already used words

More info
– free
– amazing graphics and animation
– great sounds to dive into the word-game atmosphere
– user-friendly interface
– play online in real time with players from all over the world
– cross-platform game
– dictionaries are up-to-date
– everyday tournaments with prizes
– available in English, German, Russian and Spanish (beta)

Snow Words improves your vocabulary and spelling skills, as well as concentration.
The game is a real time killer!

Share the game with your friends and neighbours, show them who is who!

We value your feedback and are looking forward to getting any suggestions how to improve our games. Please contact us:
– on FB:
– or by email:

Do you like playing Snow Words and want more? Download full version with 6 more modes
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