S+N VR Dressings – Pro-Visual Publishing

Bandaging is a tried and trusted method for the management of a wide range of medical conditions including: musco-skeletal trauma, soft tissue injuries, swellings, minor cuts and grazes.

However, selection of the correct bandage for the intended use has often been a daunting task for the clinician when faced with the myriad of options at their disposal.

This app helps the medical practitioner to make the correct choice for a range of injuries by presenting some of the more popular Smith+Nephew bandages in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment, allowing the app user to select the correct bandage without the hygiene risks associated with prior handling. A range of dressings can be compared to the wound so that the correct bandage can be easily chosen.

Select any of our popular bandages – Allevyn Life, Opsite Post-Op, Opsite Flexigrid and Primapore – in their various sizes, and make an informed decision without ever having to actually touch a bandage.

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