SmartHub WiFi – National Information Solutions Cooperative

Smarthub WiFi is for anyone who receives their WiFi bundled with their home Internet service. If your service provider offers this service, you can simply download Smarthub WiFi for free, and sign-in with your service provider provided customer ID.

Smarthub WiFi lets you easily manage your home WiFi service and connected devices from your phone or tablet.

Here are a few of the things you can do with Smarthub WiFi:
• Remotely manage your home WiFi, even if you aren’t at home
• See connection status and problems at a glance
• Manage WiFi settings and WiFi security password
• Enable and disable Guest WiFi access
• See how much traffic each device is using
• Identify WiFi connection issues and get quick fix options
• Check the internet speeds to your home and to your device

Smarthub WiFi requires that your Broadband Service Provider supports the Smarthub platform for remotely managing the Internet gateway, or WiFi router/AP that you use. Contact your service provider to find out if Smarthub WiFi is available with your service.

Note: If you are using a retail purchased WiFi router that is not managed by your Broadband Service Provider, Smarthub WiFi will not be able to manage your home network.