Navigating the true costs and benefits of college degrees can be a daunting task, and college costs are often misunderstood. Smarter Graduate makes it simple for you by helping you visualize your lifetime earnings, student loan impact, and break-even analysis if you’re considering a degree. Whether you’re in high school, undergraduate, or going to medical school, let Smarter Graduate lay out what your path to success looks like.

With Smarter Graduate, you can:

• See your lifetime income analysis with and without college degrees, broken out by every year of your working life.
• See the net difference over your career with a college degree.
• See at what age you will break even by getting your college degree.
• Enter app how old you are, and when you’d like to retire.
• Take into account income you’ll make during college.
• Decide how much in student loans you’ll take out during college, even if you have an existing student loan balance.
• Find out how much you’ll pay in student loan interest and principle over your lifetime
• Enter how long you’d like to pay off your student loans.
• Take into account income increases over time.
• Email yourself the full analysis to keep.

We hope you find Smarter Graduate to be a useful tool in helping you make sense of your college and career choices, and the impact it has on your lifetime finances.

We’re working on lots of additional features for the next version of Smarter Graduate, and would love to hear from you if you have suggestions or feedback! You can visit us at, or email us directly at with questions or for help.

~ Your Smarter Graduate Team