Smart Event Manager – Jacob Rosas

Manage all your celebration list with this amazing, simple and ads free app with following features –

1)Add any type of event that you do not want to miss, wish or celebrate.

It has following categories –

Personal – Add any personal event related to your friends ,family or relatives that you don’t want to miss like wishing birthday to a friend ,attending sister’s marriage and celebrating inauguration of new home with family .

Professional – Any professional meeting wether it’s with your client or boss, add it all here and manage them together at one place so that you don’t forget any time to attend the meeting.

Social – You also add any social meeting or program that you have to attend in this category .

Other – In this category, you can add any category of meeting or event that we have added or not added in our category list .

2) You can add details like title ,category and description of celebrations and any image if required also.

3)If you feel need to edit the details that you have filled you can also update it as and when you want.

Download the app now and do not ever forget to wish or celebrate any of the important events of life.