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【Want to know why you are overweight?】
With the smart body fat scale, ShouBa APP can quickly detect your body data (BMI, weight, body fat, bone mass, etc.), comprehensively get you know your health condition, analyze your body password, analyze the reasons for obesity, and customize a fat reduction (weight loss) program for you.
【Want to lose weight but don’t know how to start?】
According to your personal body data and fat reduction needs, ShouBa APP will accurately match your body fat manager for one-to-one guidance, which contains free online consultation & offline face-to-face guidance. Your body fat manager will customize your fat reduction program exclusively and accompany to meet your perfect transformation.
【It’s too hard to keep on losing weight…】
Right here in the ShouBa Online Fat Reduction Camp, we have professional body fat managers and nutritionists who can supervise you and friends who are also fighting for weight loss that can encourage you and achieve your goals hand in hand. Besides, there are cash and object prizes waiting for you!
【How to test the effect after fat reduction effort?】
We will offer you body data graph and detailed data report per day and per stage so that you can know the fat reduction effect in a direct way and adjust the fat reduction program. Weight loss is clearly for you to see!
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