Slendr Forest Horror Game – Tom Forster

ATTENTION: If you have any heart or epilepsy problems do not play this horror game! Be warned.

Slendr haunts you in a dark scary horror forest with ultra realistic graphics and creepy sounds for free!
Stay safe and don’t look at him otherwise he will get you!
Collect all Pages and try to make it through the forest! It is best to use headphones!

The best slender jump scare horror game experience for your enjoyment
The whole game is playable just with your smartphone or optional in 3D Cardboard Virtual Reality.

Experience the best horror game 2018 ideal for halloween or dark nights with:

– Amazing 3D High End Graphics
– Creepy Slender Man Slendrina Atmosphere
– Spatial 3D Sound
– Optional 3D VR Cardboard & Bluetooth Gamepad Support

New Features coming soon! (Tell us what you would like to play, we love feedback!)

The Virtual Reality Cardboard mode guarantees terrifying adrenaline emotions, it is best to use headphones and a bluetooth gamepad.

Compatible with all VR Headsets:
– Cardboard
– Homido
– Freefly
– VR Box
– Virtual Vizor
…and many more!

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If you are experiencing any bugs feel free to contact us, we’re still learning.