Size Stream @Home – Size Stream LLC

The Size Stream At Home App: set and track personal fitness goals, view your 3D Avatar and order clothes that fit you.

Most gym-goers are frustrated by the scale and mirror. See the real story using our mobile scanning technology. Whether you’re bulking up or slimming down, get inspired by seeing how your body is changing and monitoring your progress towards goals. Then reward yourself by ordering a custom fit garment. Get ready to move away from vanity sizing, endless try-ons and the chore of return shipping.
Know your measurements and order fitted apparel confidently!


-Ability to scan in a multitude of environments.
-Avatar generation through photogrammetry with scan kit (patent pending).
-Fitness tracking through multiple measurements including body fat %, stomach, waist, thighs, and seat.
-Personalized goal settings and history tracker to keep you motivated and seeing results.
-Ability to order custom-fit garments based on your measurements.
-Integrates with Apple Health
-Compatible with iPhone 7 or later