SITEMA 3D Shipbuilding – Sense&Image GmbH

In shipbuilding and marine applications, SITEMA Clamping Heads are mainly used to secure linear movements. In this 3D app, you can discover some typical examples for the use of our Clamping Heads and can try virtually how functions on and around a ship behave with and without Clamping Head in case of an emergency. The app is meant for designers and deciders to learn more about the functioning of our Clamping Heads and demonstrate their function for some typical assembly groups. It is also meant to inspire you how safety and functionality of component groups in shipbuilding as well as in harbour facilities, marine and offshore applications can be improved in an intelligent way.
For 40 years, SITEMA has exclusively produced clamping heads and linear brakes for round rods. With our various series, you can
– Make machines safer by securing suspended loads from falling down (e.g. the slide of a hydraulic press or any moving parts, vertically or horizontally)
– Hold precise positions (lock something in place in any position of the stroke, e.g. a platform)
– Hold something against a process force (e.g. a movable table against a press force)
– Create a high force on a short stroke (e.g. in moulding machines), like a short stroke cylinder that grabs its rod only at the point where it is required

The forces which can be secured, held or created range from a few 100 kg to several 100 tons. As a general rule, our clamping heads are kept open by pressure (hydraulic or pneumatic) and clamp when the pressure is switched off, either with our unique SiForce Technology or by spring force.

Applications include but are not limited to presses, machine tools, production machines, lifting tables, packing machines, palletizers, handling devices, gantry loaders, cable cars, theatre stage technology, big trucks or other “mobile hydraulics” engines such as tunnel drilling machines or coal crushers, applications on ships, and even bridges.

Any linear movement can be secured or held, all we need is a round rod (e.g. the piston rod of a cylinder or any separate rod). Contact us for more details.