Siren Night at Head Neighbor – Michael Budiman

Siren Night at Head Neighbor takes place on post apocalyptic city. You have born twin with siren shaped head. At first you are a hero willing to hunt any bandit in the city. At first scene you are on duty fight any bandit in the abandoned warehouse.
But the fate begun when you got call from your siren shaped head sibling. The siren shaped head inspired by urban legend creepy pasta by Trevor. You feel its not right, the city turn into semi forest. And your siren shaped head sibling always hunt you down. Avoid the enemy, you can detect he near you by hear the siren sound. Use stereo earphone to enjoy the 3D sound direction

Collect all gem in the city to gain your new power for justice.
And enjoy each story telling movie each mission begin

Game feature:
– A cool old camera camcorder effect
– Cool environment graphic
– A siren sound that haunt you down in the game
– Each scenario has its own cutscene movie
– Use 3D sound direction technology, so you can hear the siren sound from certain direction by using stereo earphone