Simple Financial Health – Kevin William Chiu Yeng Huat

The Easy Financial Health app was conceived with the financial wellbeing of all users in mind. It’s main purpose is to help you work out your net worth, cash flow and also basic insurance needs. With these basic details worked out, you can then further plan your finances either on your own or with professional consultation. From the main page of the Easy Financial Health app, just tap anywhere on the screen to get a financial pulse check!

Other functions available on the main page include notification to get latest updates, a rich selection of informative videos about relevant financial topics and an appointment request platform.

Once the Simple Financial Health app’s engine is engaged, you can watch a short video of how to use it. Alternatively, since it’s simple enough, just jump right in & start. All you need to do is feed the app with the relevant information & it will do the rest for you.

You can either chose to fill in all the details at once or segment by segment to get the respective report summary. The Simple Financial Health app works either way.

Once you’re done, you can save your data to be retrieved at a later date for review. You can also request for free consultation on various topics of interests available from the app. If you find these function useful, remember to share the Simple Financial Health app to friends and acquaintance using the share icon visible within the app itself.

If you’re keen to explore, there is a list of important websites related to financial regulatory bodies, a simple mortgage calculator, link to a fan wall as well as a channel to feedback to us.