Sihat MPS – Genesis Flex Sdn Bhd

Pioneering a New Approach to Medical Benefits Administration

At Sihat MPS, we are pioneering a new approach to medical benefits management. Realizing that the third party administration model that is currently in place is fatigued, over-priced, and outdated, we took it upon ourselves to explore new and novel ways in which benefits administration could be dispensed more efficiently, at cost more accessible to a larger network of corporations. Sihat MPS specializes in connecting corporations with it’s wide network of medical service providers through an integrated platform that allows for these entities to communicate seamlessly in real time. This in turn negates the need for corporations to waste any of their employee medical benefit funds to hire third party administrators to manage their employees benefits.

Through the use of smart and agile administration systems, we are seeking to successfully administer health plans for employers in almost every type of industry.

The Sihat MPS management team fosters an entrepreneurial spirit among the staff, which is reflected in the company’s continual efforts to improve client service, daily performance and technological support. This focus can also be seen in our unique approach to client service, which includes dedicated service representatives, extensive reporting capabilities and client education programs.

Regardless of our size or location, our dedication to providing our customers with peace of mind remains is unwavering. Our mission is – “To be the benefits partner that employers prefer.”

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Our Team

When comes to doing business, we in Sihat MPS pride ourselves in having a team that truly understands and exemplifies the meaning of good customer service. Our value proposition is built on the fundamental belief that we value our customers. No effort is spared in ensuring that we meet all of our customers expectations.