Shop Or You Drop – Bisa Bennett

Play as Sophie, a fashion forward & mysterious Bond woman as you run; jump and explore four fashion-famous cities. Dash through the streets of New York, London, Paris and Toronto, depicted in a charming and creative art style.

This exciting adventure will have you enjoying the thrill of avoiding life’s responsibilities and the danger of going on the largest shopping adventures anyone has ever been on.

Shop or You Drop is a fashion / shopping adventure game that connects players to retail sales happening in real life. The game takes players on addictively fun shopping adventures!

Shop or you drop is a part of the Colette Style fashion/shopping/discounts community. Be part of our community and join other fashion lovers, shopping fanatics and discount enthusiasts! is the perfect companion website for fashion lovers!

When players finish all of the levels in one playthrough they’ll
receive a password that can be used to unlock the website. Once the website has been unlocked, players can shop at stores with the best deals we choose for you.

Also by registering to our community you will receive a promo code for some stores that are given exclusively to our players.

Here’s how to play!

•Play the game by helping Sophie find gift boxes that will unlock her perfect outfit!
•Make sure Sophie avoids obstacles like her boss, the bill collector, boss’s secretary, birds, girl next door while she’s shopping
•Progress through 4 different levels/cities, each increasingly more challenging!

On the Shop Screen – See a list of retailers and current sales in real life on the website.

Please contact our support team at if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about improving Shop Or You Drop!

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