Shoot Out! – Kwalee

The game is fun for about 10-15 levels and then it not only fails to be challenging, it repeats levels and even has levels where there is no challenge at all. The same “challenge” (if you can even call it that) has popped up 3 or so times and it consists of you with a shotgun and unarmed “enemy’s” surrounding you and you just kill them without any risk. If I could give it 2.5 stars I would however. Because there is a level that I was actually stuck on, if the game had more levels like that I would play it more and not uninstall it. It’s very clear that little thought, heart or even time clearly went into making this game. And from what knowledge I’ve gathered it’s a game by a company made specifically because someone said it might be a good idea and then they took their idea and just kinda through some money at it and this is what came out. I’m wasn’t expecting a revolutionary game to begin with but I sure was surprised with what I saw. Great attempt please try again. I say this with love PLEASE FIX THE GAME AND MAKE IT GOOD!