ShieldGuardPlus Customer – SHIELD GUARD PLUS INC

When it comes to protecting your most valuable asset, we know how important that is to you. We provide services for your home, business or rental property. Emergency Services These days maintaining your home can be very stressful. ShieldGuard Plus is here to help you protect your home from further damage, when those untimely events occur. Home invasions are currently at an all-time high across the country these days. We are here to assist you when temporary repairs are needed such as securing a window, or a door that is broken. Maintenance Services With the ongoing rise in dangerous storms, many of us fall victim to storm chasers and scam artist. ShieldGuard offers emergency repair services from reputable contractors. When storms come through contact us today to provide emergency tarping to a roof, board up broken windows or shut off the water main to prevent further damage to your home. Storm Shelters Our safe rooms provide you with a peace of mind for you and your family.