shelfCheck – Shop Smarter – James Taylor

NOTE: This app is meant to only be used in Cary, North Carolina, USA. If you are not in this town, you may still download the app–however, it is unlikely that you will receive any results.

Always know what’s in store with shelfCheck. Have you ever driven all the way to a grocery store just to discover they didn’t have the items you needed? shelfCheck alleviates this issue by reporting real-time, accurate inventory data given by other shoppers like you. Have a list of items you want to buy? Simply input them into shelfCheck and it will direct you to the closest store that has the most items on your list. During this unique time when shortages at stores are at a high, finding the stores nearest to you with the items you need is more critical than ever.

What shelfCheck has to offer:
Know what’s in store – shelfCheck provides accurate data for highly sought after items at stores near you
Create shopping lists that direct you to the nearest store to get most of your products
For each store, a simple button immediately navigates you there
No accounts, personal questions, or infringements on privacy. Read our full privacy policy at

shelfCheck was made with a single purpose: making one stop shopping a reality. No matter the size of your list, shelfCheck will make your shopping experience better.