Sharecare Virtual Care – Medcall Healthcare Advisors, LLC

The Sharecare Virtual Care application is designed to manage workflow and facilitate real-time Tele-Emergent medical triage for patients experiencing accident, injury or illness. The application monitors a nationwide staff of available physicians who are members of a medical practice dedicated to tele-emergent triage.

Participating physicians are board-certified in Emergency Medicine. Plan participants who are eligible to receive medical service must download the Sharecare Virtual Care application on their smartphone.

Plan participants can contact the Call Communication Centre via 800 or via the smartphone application anytime they think they need medical attention. Smartphone calls may be initiated as a voice call or a video call.

Calls are answered by medical assistants who navigate the call. Medical Assistants will identify which state a patient is calling from and will check the physician status for a physician licensed in that state. The coordinator will send a text message to the available physician notifying him that a patient is on the line. As soon as the coordinator gathers relevant patient information, they will merge the patient and the physician into a virtual consultation room.

If the physician requests, the patient can press the photo option on the application to upload a photograph into the patient portal. They physician can also requests the video option to become initiated. The photos will self-delete after transfer.

It is critical the application reside on a stable an efficient platform to seamlessly manage the flow of real time care when medical events occur.