Sentas Lite – feels logical limited

Any change to our routine and freedom of movement is unsettling to us all. As a result, our mental
health is pressurised like never before.

The Sentas-Lite app was created to support people through times of upheaval. Sentas is a behaviour
and emotional tracking tool intended for self-analysis. It allows you to see which daily activities have a
positive effect on you, so that you can determine how you can increase your sense of happiness and
well being. This is particularly important during restrictions as many of the relationships or activities
we would normally do to add balance to our lives are curtailed.

Sentas helps you to:
1. Measure your happiness and its causes
2. Understand yourself
3. Take more control of your happiness.

What is special about Sentas?

Sentas isn’t just a journal. It performs complex analysis to provide factual insight into the
relationships, circumstances and activities that most affect your happiness. This information gives you
the ability to make informed decisions on how you can improve your life, even within the constraints
created by the pandemic, but afterwards as well.

I’ve heard of Sentas before, is this something new?
This is a bespoke version of the app that was created specifically in relation to circumstances where
freedom of movement may be curtailed. It is free to all users and has questions that are directly
relevant to the restrictions and pressures that can be incurred. The standard Sentas app remains
available and is more extensive and allows Premium users to alter the question set to personalise the
experience. It also includes more advanced analytics and functionality. If you are interested in that, it
can be found at:

What additional support is available?

In addition to the app, we have a number of support offerings available including online offerings You
can find out more at