Selection of fine arts – xiaobei xu

Selection of fine arts game is a simple and clear restaurant selection game.

In a variety of restaurants, we need to help customers to choose the food they want and earn money.

When we finish serving one customer, we enter the next level to serve more customers. The fun is endless and exciting.

Don’t hurry up and pick up your phone to manage this restaurant with me.

Game Features
1. A new type of level restaurant service game, it is really fun; joy is endless;

2. The level design is not only the game producer’s control of the level’s numerical difficulty, but also the responsibility for a player’s experience.

3, charming music special effects, let you enjoy it

4, exquisite UI, make the game more beautiful appreciation.

Selection of fine arts, the game is a game carefully crafted by our team, and we look forward to your joining. Player recognition will be the driving force for us to move forward. Of course, we always want to hear the players ’opinions. Please send us your feedback, and we will listen