Seasonal Garden PinBall – Masami Oono

This is a kind of altered pinball which is quite simple but strange.

You have three balls in a game and all flippers move at the same time by tapping somewhere on the screen.

And you have a trained year by hitting all types of seasonal boards which have four types associated with the seasons.
(A set of hitting records is cleared after one year has been recorded.)

When the trained years reach 10, a magic column appears. If a ball touches it, the ball goes into another dimension where you challenge a trial.

If the ball touches an aerial monolith in the trial, the record of trained years advances to 5 years later. In the case of failure, it returns to 5 years ago.

After the trial, the ball returns to the garden and you will challenge the following trial when the trained years reach 20 (in the case of trial success) or 10 (failure) until 40.
And you get degrees every 10 years until 40.

As one of the tips to clear the seasonal boards easier, Please refer to the App preview.

If the ball stops completely on the board, it’s a game over. In the case, please push the “RESTART” button which is displayed for 5 seconds by double-tapping somewhere on the screen.

I hope that you will enjoy it!