ScrubBaseballCoachingOwnersKit – Claudia Leblanc

Scrub Baseball Coaching Owners Kit is free and without advertisement with below features sets :

Today the professional and amateur Scrub Baseball requires a very high level of coaching.

With this application, you can improve the management of your Scrub Baseball Centre.

This Application is useful for Scrub Baseball Coaching Owners to manage their coaching effectively.

Any Scrub Baseball Coaching Owners / Managers can free signup from the application.

– Users can add Coaching Level with Name, Image, and Duration.
– Users can manage their students with Name, Number, Coaching Level, and Date.
– Users can add Inquiry with Name, Number and Coaching Level.
– Users can check the Inquiry list with customer name, and coaching level.
– Users can manage photo galleries of their coaching center with Images.
– Users can see students list with Name, Number, Coaching Level, and Duration.

Thanks for using this Application !!