Scenic Runway Travel Trivia – Lorraine Rucker

Scenic Runway is a lifestyle website with thoughts on Travel, Home Décor, Fashion and Lifestyle and Amazingly Beautiful Travel Pictures. Our name comes from our love of beautiful Scenic Pictures and our love of Runway Fashion hence the name Scenic Runway.   

Scenic Runway Travel and LifeStyle Trivia iPhone App allows you to test your knowledge on Travel, Fashion, Inventions and other Fun Trivia Questions.  

Included within Scenic Runway’s Travel and LifeStyle Trivia App are beautiful pictures of food and locales around the world!

Here’s how you play:
1. Select an answer from the various Options.
2. If you’ve selected the Correct answer the button turns Green.
3. If you have selected the Wrong answer the button turns Red.
The Correct answer button is then displayed in Green.
4. After 3 Seconds you are automatically moved to the next question.
5. Your Score is Automatically Calculated.
6. Along the way Beautiful Pictures are displayed.

As a twist, pictures do not always relate to questions.

We hope you enjoy Scenic Runway Travel and LifeStyle App as much as we have enjoyed creating it! Questions and Pictures within App will be updated periodically.

Travel & LifeStyle Trivia Questions and Answers are for Entertainment Purposes Only.