Scan and Translate Translator – Muhammad Asad Khan

Photo scan and translate is a utility app that will scan any photo or image ( text on it) and will translate from any language in the word to your desired language. This all languages photo scan translator app will take a photo of your documents, will fetch the content over the document and will than translate to your required language.

This handy photo scanner and translator app will not only translate to any other language but it will also keep the record of all of your scanned and translated documents, which further you can share or send to any one in your circle.

Main features of this app are as follow

Photo Scanner and Content Fetcher – This image scanner and translator app will first take a photo of documents and then will fetch all the data over the document.

Translation to any language – After once it get all the Content, you will be asked to translate it to any of your desired language.

Maintaining Database of all translated and scanned data- Once you translate the content, the app will maintain a data base and both the scanned copy and translated data will be kept in it.

Delete Data – You can further delete the data if you don’t need to use it, one by one or you m ay delete entire data in the app

Share data – You can share the translated copy of the document with any person in your circle.