SAT i- math interactive book – IOANNIS LABADAS

This new application consists of 384 new exercises. Hundreds of math questions in both multiple-choice and grid-in formats with worked out solutions. The only app for the new SAT with Student – Produced Response (grid-in) exercises.
!!!!!!!!!! The ultimate interactive book !!!!!!!!!!
Here you can find an intensive preparation for the SAT’s all-important Math section, and a valuable learning tool for college-bound students who need extra help in math and feel the need to raise their math scores.
Only with this app you can prepare in a smarter way. This application for your tablet or your smart phone provides everything you need to master the challenging Math on the College Board’s New SAT! Includes full theory in 32 lessons and over than 200 examples.
This app for the New SAT provides you with everything you need to improve your Math score—guaranteed. 25 years of experience and a unique approach have led to the ultimate product that outdoes any other SAT prep book or application.
There are 384 exercises as follows:
Heart of Algebra: 120 exercises
Problem Solving and Data Analysis: 108 exercises
Passport to Advanced Math: 120 exercises
Additional Topics in Math: 36 exercises
Students can access all exercises of the app in a lot of ways:
A: exercises & solutions – by chapter
B: exercises & solutions – by category
C: play & learn – by chapter
D: play & learn – by category
E: as a TEST with 58 questions
F: as a TEST with 25 questions
–> 384 practice questions with expert explanations in 32 chapters or 14 categories
–> full theory with over than 200 examples
–> the only app with student – produced response exercises (grid-in)
–> practice on each chapter separately – play & learn
–> a different test for each student.The test questions are selected randomly from the 384 exercises,
–> this app generates over than 4.7 * 10^61 different tests,
–> you can save the test as a .jpg file
–> millions of ****** printable ****** tests
–> you can save the answers of the test as a .bmp file
–> see the scores and subscores immediately
–> save the scores as a .jpg file
–> use the chronometer to control your test time
–> test with 58 questions (following the specifications of the new SAT math test)
–> test with 25 questions ideally to be taught in a teaching hour. Try to finish it in 40 minutes
–> you can go back and change your answers
–> you can see the solutions in portrait view or in landscape view
***** text books can not do all these *****
***** the best, smartest and cheapest way to practice for the new SAT math TEST *****

The application presents only my point of view for the whole syllabus. Exercises have emerged from twenty-five years of experience in teaching of Mathematics.
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