SAFE – Community Safety – Globe Keeper LLC

SAFE is reshaping safety in South Africa!

Designed to be the fastest method of providing you a swift response in case of emergencies, SAFE is the future of personal and community safety.

We have all witnessed safety in numbers and this way you can ask for help from the people closest to you, within your community. It also allows you to help when and if you can.

SAFE links in with Security Companies, Neighbourhood Watches, and all other responders, allowing responders to:

* Receive alerts for nearby incidents
* See where other responders are.
* See who is responding to an incident and coordinate your team

With SAFE you are able to pay less attention to your often-spammy community WhatsApp groups, and only be notified when there is an actual problem in your area.

After reporting an incident, SAFE will send a distress signal to a private monitoring center with live agents, which will then call the police, fire, or other emergency departments, as well as report to the relevant security companies in your neighborhood.

We are constantly looking to improve SAFE, so if you have any feedback, comments, concerns, please reach out to us