Runity – Technique assessment – POLESTAR RUNNING LLC

With Runity you can automatically analyze seven of the most relevant running
biomechanics variables to improve safety, economy and performance. Unleash
your true potential as runner understanding how to improve your running
technique and track your progress easily.
* As easy as filming a video:
Just run on front of the camera of your mobile phone and Runity’s Artificial
Inteligence will provide accurate information of your running form. Do it as many
times as you want to compare your progress and the kinematic changes in your
* Information is power:
How can you change something you can’t measure? With Runity you will be
able to save hundreds of dollars in in-lab running assessments and get the
fundamental information necessary to improve your running technique.
Learning about your running weakest points, will allow you to focus in improving
them efficiently.
* 7 running kinematics:
• Heel striking & Overstriding: Landing too much in front of our center
of mass and impacting hardly on the ground, would be correlated with
higher energy expenditure and pain in certain areas of your body.
• Active Knee angle & Stride angle: Maximum hip flexion momentum
has been associated with improvement in running performance.
• Vertical Oscillation: Research have found a positive relationship
between higher “Vertical Loading Rates” and the appearance of pain
in specific body tissues.
• Cadence: Just a 5% increase in cadence from preferred maintained
over a mile run, would reduce the forces going through the heel by an
estimated 565 body weights.

Download now Runity – Running Technique app. Let’s run again.