#RSY – Martina Galati Rando

#READYSETYOGA: splits edition is an app that will help you get flexibility, mobility and strength, in a harmonious way, with a particular focus on the muscles of the pelvic girdle and thighs.

#READYSETYOGA: splitedition can be purchased through the app store. After downloading the application, the user can log in to register and purchase the guide. You can then use the textual contents of the Guide immediately, while the multimedia files must be downloaded. For the download of multimedia files we recommend using a Wi-Fi network, the polluted contents could be of great capacity and could consume your data network.

On a first level, the goal of this plan is to give you the tools to be able, with time and practice, to do the splits. At a deeper level, the purpose of this guide is to help you building a practice routine at home, getting used to step on your yoga mat every day and finding balance on and off the mat. Having a clear goal ahead helps us to be consistent, to keep track of our progress, to stay motivated.

This makes the splits a tool to reach a deeper goal!

Why the splits? The splits are one of the most complete and well-balanced poses, which preparation foresees a balanced – and in itself – complete practice, that leads us to lengthen our muscles, as well as acquire mobility, elasticity and control.

What you will find:

30 asanas with description, alignment, variations and tips.

3 sections of drills for dynamic flexibility, mobility and strength with 20 videos.

1 section on the splits, with description, alignment, variations, tips and videos

4 video sequences: 3 complete classes with different focuses + The Ultimate Splits Flow workshop (each sequences is composed by more than 100 clips)

2 weekly programs to help you to plan your exercise

2 weekly programs to help you carry out your practice

& more.


Livello: beginners / intermediate

This guide is divided in three main sections: asana sets, the drills and the flow.

The asana set included the main and useful positions to make in order to gain the splits and create the bases of a safe practice.

The positions proposed, as already anticipated, mainly concern the muscles of the pelvic girdle and thighs, but they also influence the upper part of the body in a more or less direct way, in order to create a harmonious and balanced practice.

The asana in this section are divided in 6 groups based on the muscle or the muscle group that the pose in question lengthens or the articulation that “opens” in a principal manner.

The 6 sets are:

I sei gruppi sono:

Ischiocrural muscles

Hip flexor muscles

Opening of the hips

Inner thigh muscles



The drills section is divided into three sub-sections:

Dynamic stretching

Drills for strength

Oscillating movements.

The sequences are clearly structured and divided by themes so that you can also understand how to create your personal flows using the set of asanas available to you.

The three sequences found in this guide are divided on the basis of the muscle group on whose flexibility the flow in question is concentrated:

Flow 1: forward bending and ischiocrural muscles

Flow 2: hip flexors, hips and quadriceps

Flow 3: also, inner thigh and buttocks

The bonus sequence, “The ultimate splits flow”, as the name suggests, it’s a combo of positions and drills that will prepare your body completely to the “monkey position”, as well as to constitute a very complete practice in itself.

After the flow chapter you will find a final chapter, Program your practice, where you will be suggested how to organize your practice and you will find two weekly schedule proposals.