RPG Plus – Francesca Ghezzo

RPG+ is the play-on-the-go app for players of role-playing-games. In these frenetic and busy days, it’s hard to find time to meet up with friends and keep your RPG adventure going. RPG+ has been created to take the fun with you everywhere and no matter where your players are. It’s an All-in-One solution: campaign manager, chat, character sheet and 3D map.
Thanks to its customizable design, RPG+ can be used for any of your favourite RPGs. Fans of Pathfinder and D&D can enjoy a library of specific sheet templates and characteristic miniatures, and many more features and graphic elements will be uploaded periodically.

In RPG+ you can:

– Create your campaign as gamemaster or join your friends as a player
– Design your story adding rooms (chats, maps, sheets) and selecting your players
– Make your own map for each adventure using the 3D builder system, add setting items and miniatures for the characters
– Interact with the other player via chat: posting messages, rolling dice, sending stickers and sharing links
– Record your character’s features in a digital sheet: choose among preloaded templates, build your own and even share templates with your group
– Find technical resources in the Help/”How to” Section and in the Campaign Tutorial with step by step instructions

RPG+ is a free ad-supported app. Some of the contents of the libraries are completely free to use, while others can be unlocked by watching ads.

RPG+ won’t completely replace the fun of meeting your friends and playing RPG face to face, but it’s what can help to keep your adventure going on, during busy times and in between sessions.

RPG+ is the first and only complete Virtual Tabletop Platform on-the-go and will revolutionize the way we are playing RPGs.