Roybi – Roybi Inc.

Roybi Robot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized content to children based on their pace and interests. With over 500 lessons, 70,000 words, and 50 categories, including basic STEM, stories, games, and songs, Roybi Robot creates a fun and interactive learning experience for children. Roybi Robot may also be used as a supplementary device for children with speech delay.

Language Packages
Watch your child become a master of the English language before learning Spanish and Mandarin in 2020 with additional languages downloaded through the cloud.

Face & Emotion Detection
To enhance social-emotional learning, Roybi Robot can start a conversation with your child when they are nearby to say hello, recognize if they are happy or sad, and respond accordingly.

Smart Progress Reports
Use the ROYBI app to follow your child’s learning journey, manage lessons, and understand their overall progress. You can also rewatch your child’s recorded lessons.

Family and Privacy Settings
Conveniently use the Do Not Disturb, Alarms, and Night Settings so that you and your child can have a great night’s sleep. You can also set nap time, activity time, and bedtime to fit your child’s schedule. Also, you can turn the sharing and features on/off at any time so you are in full control.

Capture All The Fun Moments
Roybi Robot brings stories and games to life with colorful images on its small screen and uses its 1080p HD camera to capture all the fun while teaching your child. Watch your child practicing with Roybi Robot, record videos, or snap images. Turn the camera on/off on the ROYBI app or use the camera privacy cover that comes with the package.