Routines by Care/of – Care/of

** We’ve been trying out this new app internally here at Care/of, and it’s been especially helpful this past month. So, we’re releasing this unofficial, early version (for free) with the hope that it’s helpful for all of you, too.**

Routines by Care/of helps you create morning and evening routines, log how they make you feel, and evaluate how those habits are helping you reach your health goals over time.

What you can do
Create personalized health and wellness routines
Set reminders for daily habits
Learn from weekly insights about what habits are effective

How it works
Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, energy, or stress, it can be hard to know what habits are working for you unless you have data to look back on. And since we’re all different, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for anything. Routines by Care/of helps you create routines you can stick to, then gives you the tools and personalized data you need to measure the impact those habits have on how you feel over time — so you can find what works for you.

Why we’re releasing the app early
We weren’t planning on releasing the app now, but as the last few weeks have unfolded, we realized the app has been a huge resource for our team internally. We’ve found that sticking to even the smallest routines can help make things feel normal, even with so much up in the air. We wanted to share it with you in case it helps you, too.