Rokio On-Field Mental Training – Bharani Bhamidipati

This App is designed for on-field athlete brain training.
Player to wear a Polar OH1 sensor while using the App during training ( sensor details –
The player and/or his/her coach will use this app while the player is on the field and in action to monitor the player’s mental process as they execute their motion.
Training Cues are not yet available and are being developed by a confidential partner.
Personalized benchmarks for the player can be set by adjusting the Green to Yellow and Yellow to Red transitions.
At any time, the player or coach can assess the mental performance of the player against his/her benchmarks.

For detailed instructions and demo, please see the support URL –

Features –
1. Create a new project. Each new project corresponds to a new player whom you want to coach.
2. The player wears the OH1 polar care HR sensor and switches it on (as per the instructions of the Polar care OH1 sensor – see the link above).
3. Now establish the connection to the OH1 polar care HR sensor in the just created project inside this app.
4. Select the transition heart rate values for Green to Yellow zone transition and Yellow to Red zone transition. Otherwise the app will use the displayed default values.
5. Upon adding the project, create a session inside the project. The maximum duration provided for each session is for 30 minutes and the coach may choose to end the session as needed.
6. Now the player can start training and the app uses the above thresholds (defined in step 4) to identify if the player is In-Zone (Green) / out of Zone (Red) / Near the Zone (Yellow)
7. Multiple sessions can be created / deleted.
8. Analytics screen on maximum performance across sessions for each project is displayed in the analytics screen.