RMCSR Community Movement – Rocky Mountain Consortium on Sports Research

The Rocky Mountain Consortium for Sports Research (RMCSR) is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation comprised of a consortium of movement scientists, engineers, exercise specialists and clinical professionals dedicated to the sports community.

The RMCSR specializes in movement research, neuromuscular training, and the development of cutting-edge technology to promote athletic performance, safety, and long-term health.

The RMCSR Community Movement app was crafted by the RMCSR to re-establish camaraderie, socialization, and a sense of connection that has challenged our community in a time of unprecedented uncertainty. The app strategically taps into multiple social media platforms to offer fundraising and marketing opportunities; organic educational and entertainment media; and easy-to-follow movement training videos scientifically designed to improve movement quality.

Local social groups, sport teams and special community members sign-up to become a Group on the RMCSR Community Movement app. Each Group is provided a home page on the app that is populated with information about the Group and their goals or mission; a calendar listing details of the Group’s upcoming events; and social posts including photos, podcasts, and links to other media content. The Group’s home page is easily accessed through a drop-down menu and allows the Group to recruit local business Sponsors, such as retail stores and restaurants, to advertise on the Group’s page. The advertising revenue support’s the Group’s fundraising goals and the charitable mission of the RMCSR.

Advertising on a Group’s home page grows a Sponsor’s fanbase and provides a direct connection between a Sponsor and the Group’s members. This economic connection is amplified through push notifications announcing a Sponsor’s share special. A share special, or promotional advertisement, such as coupons or deals, begins as a post on the Sponsor’s social media page such as Facebook. An in-app notification containing a link to this post is pushed to the Sponsor’s Group and each Group member shares the post to their own social media page ultimately creating a digital marketing campaign that greatly extends the Sponsor’s marketing reach and social media presence.

The RMCSR Community Movement app also provides organic media content such as videos, photos and podcasts presenting expert scientific and medical views on current topics and trends in health, wellness, exercise, and sport; exciting news updates on RMCSR research projects in Youth Sports and the Winter Sport Science Academy; as well as informational content on local events, restaurants, and entertainment.

A series of free instructional videos on sport-specific, dynamic warm-up exercises is provided for Groups in the RMCSR Community Movement app. The videos are created by movement experts and clearly explains and demonstrates proper exercise techniques and postures; and more importantly, the scientific and/or clinical reasons for consistently performing these exercises at the beginning of every workout or training session.