RiskMentor inForms – Riskmentor Pty Ltd

RiskMentor inForms
This app extends the data capture functions of the RiskMentor platform – allowing end users to complete customised forms while in the field.
The App synchronises information with the cloud hosted business unit – pulling updated content such as work order numbers, up-to-date documents and user information, as well as any new form templates from the server.
At the same time, completed forms are loaded back to the server as evidence of activities completed e.g. inspections (complete with photographs and signatures), tasks conducted and hazard or opportunity observations.
Additional App features include providing users with up-to-date procedures, job requirements and safety alerts so they complete their work safely and productively.

For background the RM Platform networks client content in a cloud database that can be accessed from any web environment with:
● Structured and linked content management e.g. allows tablet access to work orders, plans, procedures, forms etc.
● An end-user configurable aggregation capability generated by links with other business systems
● Digital activity record upload e.g. monitoring through photographs, digital forms, time, location etc.
● Action capture and tracking
● Asset management and component registers
● Active obligations (compliance) register to allow direct mapping to company processes (business inputs)
● Analytics performance monitoring and reporting