Riskline – Riskline ApS

The Riskine app gives you global travel risk intelligence you can trust.
Features include country and city risk assessments, realtime travel alerts and travellers tracking and communication.


Communications are cut in a coup d’état. Airports are closed after a hurricane’s landfall. Hospitals are overwhelmed during an outbreak of disease.

But life-threatening situations don’t materialise out of nowhere. Riskline tracks potential threats as they develop and keeps you informed before it’s too late.

Riskline provides verified, independent risk assessments of countries, territories, regions and cities around the globe. We work all day, every day to give you the latest information on crises worldwide.

The Riskline app gives users access to all Riskline reports on the go. Managers can use the app to track and communicate with travellers away from the office.


Get detailed information about your destination. The Riskline App has country risk assessments and city safety reports for more than 220 countries and territories and 240 global cities. In addition to city- and country-specific threats and other local knowledge, every report has a map of important locations.

If something happens nearby, you’ll know. Stay on top of what’s happening locally with real-time Alert Messaging, our system to inform you about unfolding crises and issues that could impact your safety or travel plans as they happen.

Traveller tracking and check-in features allows for travellers to let their travel manager know that they safely arrived at their destination while travelling.