Rippe & Kingston LMS Mobile – Rippe & Kingston

Tracking billable time has never been easier. Capture every minute with the Rippe LMS Mobile App. The app enables legal professionals to maximize their billing time, while on the go, with an intuitive and predictive platform that integrates seamlessly with the Rippe & Kingston Legal Management Platform (LMS). The app has a native time entry system, time release, and client lookup. The app understands the clients and matters that you track most frequently and presents those to you as a starting point to entering time. The app also displays previous entries, eliminating the need to continually select values. When you are ready to submit your time, all you have to do is release the time entries that you want to finalize. It’s that easy and simple! The Rippe & Kingston LMS Mobile App eliminates the administrative burden of entering your time, letting you focus on what matters most – your clients and practice. Try it now.