Reppin’ – Fritz Hieb

Reppin’ is the home or gym, rep-driven workout app that values above all else, flexibility. Most apps want to make the workout for you, but with Reppin’, YOU make the exercises, the workouts, the goals, the EVERYTHING.

Progress charts and graphs, included! Complete an exercise a few times, and you will have access to a wealth of visual data to help you in your fitness goals.

Every workout you do, every exercise you create, every setting you adjust is immediately synced to the cloud so you have all your data, everywhere, all of the time, with no danger of losing your progress. Want to make a goal of 500 pushups in a month? Reppin’ is the workout app for you. Want to create a more complex workout for the gym or home, with individual timers or EMOMs, and different goals for each exercise? Reppin’. Want to create a simple circuit workout of any exercise length? Reppin’.

Along with being a totally free app, there are no ads or other data-privacy intrusions. Free and clear is the name of the game, the tool is there for you to use and tell your friends about. Enjoy the Reppin’ experience!