Reportino – Morotti

REPORTINO is an application designed to collect and organize information during the course of an activity.

This App can be used in various situations:
. technical intervention, document the various phases of the work carried out
. technical / commercial inspection, collecting information necessary for subsequent evaluations
. operating instructions, create a sequence of work processes
. free time, documenting a journey

With this app you can store information such as images, voice recordings, date / time, text, gps positions and drawings.
The data entered can be viewed as reports, printed or exported via FTP.

Using the App is very simple:
1) in the main screen press “+”, fill in the fields and confirm to create an activity
2) select the activity to view its contents
3) create a phase with the “+” key
4) select the phase to see the available information
5) to load the data select the desired category (photo, text, gps …)
The category is highlighted in green when there is matched information.

By dragging the selected item to the left the available commands appear: delete, modify, export.

In the options menu it is possible:
. enter the parameters for the FTP server, used by the export command
. decide what data to show in the activity list
. manage the list of “states”
. customize the report title and logo
. manage the APP_ID field

If several devices export the reports to the same FTP server, it is possible to identify the information by assigning a unique value to the APP_ID field. This value will be used as a prefix for file names.