RememberMore Inspector Calls – Alex Warren

Boost your knowledge of “An Inspector Calls” by J. B. Priestley. RememberMore A Christmas Carol helps you master and remember knowledge faster and retain it for longer, building your confidence as you do so. delivers:

– helps you remember more, faster, for longer, building your confidence as you – RememberMore is adaptive to your learning
– is mobile – anytime, anywhere, every minute matters, every ‘Review’ counts
– provides an agile and versatile learning support system for your learning
– rewards ‘Key Threshold’ concepts and signposts wider learning opportunities
– includes additional notes
– offers a range of curriculum topics and collections
– offers learning pre-sights, immediate feedback and progress over time statistics – immediately uses reward incentivised learning

We think RememberMore is ‘great value for money’ compared to ‘static’ study notes or paid for revision materials.