Recognize Animal Sound – Gracie Reid

Animals are good friends of human beings. Humans have a natural affinity for animals, especially children. When it comes to watching animals, I have to say that the zoo is the favorite place for children. Based on the love of parents and children, this software is designed to create a platform for children to hear animals from time to time to know animals. Children are always accompanied by animals. Every day they walk into the zoo and walk into the zoo. nature.

Our app has built-in sounds for many kinds of animals. With these animal sounds, you can know the sounds of various animals, and you can use these sounds to communicate with the corresponding animals. You will find more fun and more interesting uses. Feel free to leave a message to share your interesting things and ideas with us! This app is completely free and I hope you will enjoy it!

P.S. When playing the sound, please remember to adjust the appropriate volume of the phone and turn the mute button to the “on” state.