RC Helicopter Rescue Simulator – Ashraf Bashir

Flying Rescue Helicopter simulator in multiple environments.
Extreme Helicopter Rescue 911
Fly real chopper having amazing controls and experience a real simulator. For the first time an advance rescue simulator game Helicopter Simulator presents. So become a lifesaver with RC rescue helicopter simulator. Bring the people to its destination fly in a realistic chopper near the emergency. As you proceed through this rescue flight simulator game to save the people Rescue game Go as fast as you can through the realistic 3D mountain hills. Helicopter game
Rescue Helicopter Pilot Simulator 2018
Start levels with RC helicopter and reach the destination point click on ladder button. pick the people and transfer to the safe place include small shipping boat had some problems with their navigation. A small arrow shows the direction of accident area and a rescue team just knows their approximate location. Before the boat sinks the Rescue helicopter pilot finds their location and rescues the people. This RC helicopter sim gameplay is easy and having 3D graphics Rescue game will attract the user to play this game at the end of the level. The Rescue 911 different environment will make you more interest.
raffic Accident, Forest, and building fire: Fill water tank and extinguish the fire.
Winching up: Rescue game Use your RC Helicopter to rescue people
After a car accident help the victims (Helicopter game)
Transport Destruction: grab the old accidental car with your electromagnet and go to the wrecking yard.
Using a magnet Unload a container ship.
Clear the road Fire rockets to remove all the objects.(Helicopter game).
During a tempest get the empty oxygen cylinders at the top of the mountain.
US Helicopter Rescue Simulator
In some levels, rescuers have very limited resources and terrible flood. So you need to save as many people as possible before their fuel runs out!
Rescue Duty RC Helicopter Flight
Take the rescue ambulance helicopter at times of real need! When you fly over the realistic city hill climb no more busy traffic. Fly with the wounded to save them and become a helicopter pilot. Rescue 911 Show off your helicopter flying skills in this rescue RC helicopter rescue simulator game!

Extreme Helicopter Rescue 911 Game Features:
1 Realistic flight physics
2 Different Environment Huge open world, mountains, canyons, hills and forests
3 Realistic flying simulation
4 High-quality chopper
5 Different camera angles
6 Easy to play controls, use touches and tilts controls!
(Helicopter game)