Raptor Capture – KenneTech LLC

Do you meet a lot of people on a regular basis? Raptor Capture will keep you organized. It not only adds new contacts to your Contacts list, it also sends new contacts a brief greeting and allows you to share your contact info. Raptor Capture then adds a reminder alert to your calendar. You’ll never forget to follow up with a new contact again!

The first time you open the app you are prompted to add your contact information and a brief message you want to send to people you meet; this can all be edited later too. Raptor Capture saves your information on your device; your info is never shared with anyone you do not explicitly send it to.

Any notes you add about the new contact get saved to the Calendar event and Contact’s notes section. This helps when meeting several new people at once such as networking events… or if you’ve had one too many during a night out. Cheers to technology!