Rapid Response Reading – concetta russo

Recipe for Reading Program

Recipe for Reading methodology presents the phonological processing of words and the auditory processing of language that includes auditory discrimination and auditory memory. In the first segment of every lesson, students are introduced to a phoneme through a presentation of a concrete object or key word. Students are asked to give the initial sound they hear when they say the name of the object. In accompanying workbooks, phonological awareness practice is included for every new sound.

Recipe for Reading introduces each sound-symbol relationship in isolation, and then incorporates that sound and the previously learned sounds into words, phrases, sentences and stories. A scripted model lesson provides ample opportunities for multisensory phonics practice as students repeat teacher-modeled sounds, words, and phrases, and then write them down. Additional coordinated phonics practice is available in the workbooks and the Alphabet Reading Series. Each of these are have phonetically controlled vocabulary that follow the sequence of the Recipe for Reading lessons. Each of the components reinforces sound identification, and word and phrase reading.

Repeated reading practice is integral to Recipe for Reading, where fluency is addressed in every lesson. Every previous sound is reviewed when a new one is introduced, so the words, phrases, and sentences from previous lessons are repeated extensively.

Objective of the Rapid Reading App

The objective of the Rapid Reading App was designed to reinforce all the words that were introduced within all of the lessons of the Recipe Reading program. Rapid Reading App was designed to assist Recipe for Reading in the area of fluency. These words need to be read quickly and need to be added to a student’s fluency of reading. The Rapid Reading App is a “drill and practice” technique whereby students have a certain amount of time to find words within a “Magic Square”. A Magic Square is introduced to the student corresponding to a lesson that is taught within the Recipe for Reading sequence. There are three Magic Squares for each lesson. Each Magic Square gets more difficult as the student progresses within that lesson. There are also three levels of speed that a student can approach each of the Magic Squares (Easy, Medium and Hard). So, every Magic Square lesson has three levels of Magic Squares with three levels of speed. By the time a student completes each Rapid Reading lesson they have reviewed the targeted words from the Recipe for Reading lesson nine times. This progression helps promote fluency and speed in reading and spelling.

In order to motivate the student, there is an avatar assigned to the student who, by choosing the correct words within the Magic Square, can win points. The student can use those points to dress their avatar with different Hats, Tops, Gloves, Pants and Shoes. The student is also able to choose music to play while they are playing on the Rapid Reading App. This music also encourages speed of execution.