Rap Smash – Logic Theory Conglomerate

Top Fighters of the world challenge you to fight with them! Are you ready to accept this challenge??
Hong Fu Dot , Chanoh, Jimy , Head Huncho, Yung Draco , Scottie Le Pope Sail and much more epic characters are here!! Select your ultimate fighter and jump into this epic fighting battle. All your favorite players have different fighting and combo moves. Taunt move of each character is so exciting. You will love it at hell. Let’s dare to use your best fighting skills in this Rap smash game of 2018.
No Rules ! No limits ! Make more and more super kicks to knock down your rivals. Use different combos of fighting. This deadly fight will become more thrilling when you unlock its most powerful character “YUNG DRACO”.
Let’s have an exotic try in its multiplayer mode. It gives you a chance to rule the online battlefield Clash. Be brave and accept this ultimate fighting challenge. This most amazing fighting game is just a click away. No need to wait. Let’s download it on your mobile phone and have hours of fun and excitement.
War has begun ! Let’s FIGHT and compete!
Thrilling Environments: CLUB, STUDIO
Exciting Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer
Eight Epic Characters
Challenging Difficulty Levels: Easy , Normal , Hard
Eye catching Visual Effects
Realistic Explosive Sounds
Addictive Gameplay
High Quality 3D Graphics