Random Password Generator Pro – Lukasz Buczynski

Random Password Generator is a premium software for generating secure passwords using advanced cryptographic algorithms with 100% anonymity. This is the most advanced password generator on the market.

You can use it to protect your emails, laptop accounts, games, social media and all your valuable information with secure, virtually impossible to guess passwords and pins. Random Password Generator is fast and very easy to use.
LehjaSoftware provides premium support for all users.

• Easy to remember mode generates passwords based on real words
• Premium support for all users
• Very intuitive to use, one tap is enough
• Customize your password with your own symbols and characters
• Passwords are generated by advanced cryptographic algorithms
• All users are 100% anonymous
• Passwords are never stored anywhere
• Internet is not required, you can work offline
• Can be used as a random number generator and random pins generator
• No Ads