Raidofinance – Raidofinance OU

Cryptocurrency exchange Raidofinance!

About us

– Security funds
We provide the highest level of protection for our clients’ funds, thanks to the cold storage of assets and the use of our own crypto Node. The platform implemented several levels of protection of personal and commercial customer data.

– Manufacturability
The best developments in the field of crypto-trading are available to our clients. The high bandwidth of the exchange core determines the speed and quality of execution of transactions. The API protocol allows you to automate the trading process.

– Fiat support
We provide crypto assets purchase / sale services for fiat funds (EUR). Cooperation with European financial companies provides an opportunity to provide low commissions for fiat operations with crypto assets.

Our advantages:

Transparency of the sales process
Placing orders into the order book and execution of orders takes place with other counterparties on the Fair market principle. The absence of false orders / transactions and ‘cheating’ of the trading volume.

Automatic output
Automatic withdrawal of funds allows you to quickly receive cryptocurrency assets to an external wallet. Auto output is available limited by output volume. In most cases, manual confirmation of the operation is carried out within 60 minutes.

Unique solutions
We provide unique services for the legal purchase / sale of stable coins for fiat assets, through bank transfers. Buying and selling takes place at the official purpose of the payment. The legality of transactions forms the legality of the origin of capital.