Quran speaker – Jianhui Wu

This app can control the LED Bluetooth speaker
This app connects the device terminal through Bluetooth ble, and sends instructions to control the device terminal through the app, such as turning on and off, turning on and off led, allowing the device to enter different working modes, playing different music, timing on and off, etc.
Quran speaker this app connects the mobile phone with the Quran Bluetooth Speaker through Bluetooth. Within a certain range, it can control the Bluetooth Speaker through the mobile phone. It can turn the Speaker off or on, switch the reader and trans of the Quran, switch the light mode, and set the timing switch. It can greatly satisfy users’ remote control of the Quran Bluetooth Speaker system. As long as you use the mobile app, you can control the Quran Bluetooth Speaker at will, which is easier and faster to use.

The app homepage can switch the reading mode of the Quran. Play and pause the Quran Bluetooth Speaker , and turn it on and off. Switch between the previous and next Surah. The app can also control the switching of various light colors, the selection of light modes, and the adjustment of light brightness.

Click different reader pictures on the app to select different readers to read the Quran. You can also customize the settings of the profile on the app, and switch on and off the machine at a fixed time according to the user’s needs.