QuizzaMe! – Vitaminas srl

We’ve scrapped the pens and paper and left the nerdy guy just reading questions off paper to step up the entertainment value to bring you the coolest quiz night ever.

Don’t be fooled, this is not just a boring quiz night made better with a fancy PowerPoint presentation, this is game-show designed and created specifically to be an entertainment extravaganza. Every event creates an exciting atmosphere where the focus is on fun and ensuring you leave with a smile. It’s a fully interactive event with singing, laughing and maybe even a little dancing! Each event is led by a professional Quiz Master who will work the room to make sure everyone is part of the live entertainment.

QuizzaMe originated in Italy and now runs in a number of countries and is taking Australia by storm. Whether you are a venue manager looking for a new entertainment product to help you stand out from your competition, a fundraiser looking for something new to spark your fundraising efforts or a HR manager desperate for a new idea for the upcoming team building conference; QuizzaMe is the product you need.

QuizzaMe is now bought to you by Full House Group, Australia’s leading supplier of entertainment technology and events to pubs and clubs.

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