Quizen – Omnizens AB

Quizen is like most other quiz apps, except that where other have thousands of questions we have millions and enable more freedom for you to search, browse, and create your own quizzes.
One simple way to engage with Quizen is to start taking the Weekly Challenge, where Quizen will launch 10 questions every day each week for all to compete with each other.
But Quizen enables you to take quizzes on almost anything, and you can also:
• Choose among 6 000 categories (example: American 19th century poets.)
• Create a quiz (example: Music + Pop + 1980s)
• Generate a quiz on specific topics (example: Depeche Mode, Clint Eastwood etc)
When your friends connect to Quizen, you can challange them on anything. But you will also soon be able to compete against strangers, perhaps someone from the other side of the world who take the same quiz as you do but in her language.